Thursday, June 23, 2011

we've all made them. whether it be big or small, we face them everyday. a miscalculation that cost you your whole paper. forgetting your umbrella so you have to walk in the rain. saying something you wish you hadn't. talking about something in front of someone who was never supposed to know. not saying what you wanted to say. watching him walk away.. every time you are reminded of your mistakes, you cringe at the thought and you wish that you could go back and prevent it from happening.

but of course you can't.

sometimes i wish life had a delete button. or a feature that allowed us to ''clear history". our mistakes make us the fragile, beaten people that we are. it would be so much easier if we could hand pick our own memories. because then maybe, life wouldn't be the ugly mess that it is for some of us today. nonetheless, if we didn't make mistakes, how else is life supposed to give us its lessons? how else are we going to learn?

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