Friday, July 17, 2009

i can survive with you by my side.

wow i haven't posted on here for ages. its probably because i usually just post on my lj, and cbs doing it again here. even though i can copy and paste. buut that's beside the point. i think im going to start posting on here again. waay too many people know and read my lj. especially this guy. thursday just told me that i should stop posting anything that is considered deep on my lj. the guy gets waaay too emotional about it, and i just can't handle that. sigh. can you believe it? another drama queen. what am i doing??? so its the last day of the holidays. kind of. and its been chilling. i love being just by myself and reading a good book. for the past two days, that's what ive been doing. it's been good. except for the 2hours of physics questions. physics is not fun. and im not even finished! ive still got about an hour's work to do. hmmmm. i havent talked to anyone since thursday except for t. i don't feel like talking to anyone. i've got nothing to say anyway. especially to the guy. thursday really did it. i don't know if i'll talk to him anytime soon either. people should really get the full story first before they blow on someone. way to go to kill someone's ego. here's a trophy. how exciting for you!

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