Sunday, May 31, 2009

don't you just hate it that just when things are finally okay again, then something you do just has to ruin it. yeah, i hate that. im going to be honest. i have a lot of problems. heaaaps. from family to friends, to school to my realtionship. uggh. im just so sick of it all. the burden is soo heavy, sometimes i just really want it gone, but unfortunately i can't do anything about it, but to just sulk and deal with it.

tell me. is it really that hard to completely trust someone that you love? because i don't think it is. but someone seems to think it is. i don't think im a person that's quite hard to trust. i have a mouth of like a five-year old. im always talking. always speaking my mind. which basically means i can't keep anything to myself for more than 5seconds. seriously lol. its just who i am. so on that note, i don't think im very hard to trust at all. wait, am i?

i always thought i was always going to be happy. well, guess i was wrong. im just soo sick of being depressed i just want to crawl into a hole and stay there until all the pain and hurt is gone. you can be happy, but i don't think its a long-term thing. when you're happy, its like you're on this drug. but then eventually, after some time, the effect wears off. and you're left feeeling sick and lonely and groggy again. i guess we all just have to make the most of things sometimes, and that maybe some things aren't meant to last forever.

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