Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A New Beggining?

Well. Hello there fellow bloggers. I'm new to this blogging thing so bare with me. My life pretty much consists only of annoyingly over-protective parents, forbidden boyfriends, amazing besties, boringold school, & shopping. This whole blog thing, yeah, I'm just gonna write about my "Love Life". All other details in my other "Life"s will be written into my personal diary. So shame. Anyways, To start it off, my parents, do not allow me to date. Until I'm probably 30 or something. Arggh. It's always school for them. And God. Yeah, I'm a Christian, & I believe and follow what the Bible says, but does the Bible declare "Thou shall not date." ? I don't think so. SOO I date behind their backs. But to tell you the truth, its just sorta like a game. I haven't gone or seen them anywhere outside my house apart from school. That's coz my dad won't even let me hang out with boys. He thinks I'm gonna have sex with all of them or something. But yea I'm kinda used to the whole thing. But wha really sucks is that 2 years ago I dated this guy, we shall call him Emma. Yeah, what about this guy? Well, I think this is where the word LOVE comes in. I'm in love with him. And there's no denying it. But the problem is, that he's moved on. But I haven't. Yea sure, we keep in touch, and everything, but as friends. I wanna be soo much more though. It's soo unfair. I'm trying to forget him altogether, but it's really hard. So far this year, I haven't talked to him. He's sent me the normal "Long time no talk" Text messages, but I haven't replied, 'cause, I made a vow to myself that I will no longer keep in touch with Emma. I'm gonna try forget about him. Fingers Crossed. Like a new beggining.

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