Saturday, July 23, 2011

can you not lie straight to my face?
i'm not stupid. i know what you're doing.
i wouldn't give two shits about what you're doing, but the fact that you're lying to my face about it? just man up and fucking tell me. honestly. i told you how it bothered me. you promised you wouldn't do it. yes i cared before. but i really couldn't care less about it now. but because you're being a real douche about it, you broke your fucking promise. the one promise i badly wanted you to keep. i'm not fucking stupid.

i can't even stand thinking about it. i won't let something like this ruin the great day that i've just had. fucking grow some balls and just admit it okay. i'm so sick of all the bullshit in this world. no wonder why people kill themselves and relationships never last. here's a tip for ya. honesty. fucking key to life.

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