Monday, June 27, 2011

today, the little year 8s came to my school.
and it all came crashing down.

i am almost on the last leg of my high school career.

it's crazy to think that five years has gone by just like that. where did it all go? so many changes, broken friendships, tears, laughter, accomplishments, memories, inside jokes. so many things have happened. i'm afraid i hardly remember it all.

it's sad to think that the last five years of what i thought were the ''good times'' are simply going to get left behind. i doubt i'll remember that day where i turned around and made that comment that no one had the guts to, but it still made everyone laugh. i won't remember that day i was walking up stairs and somehow managed to trip and almost fall. getting that mark i wasn't hoping for, but screaming on the inside nonetheless because i never expected it. i know i won't remember any of these things. how can i when i can't even remember what i had for breakfast last monday?

before i know it, all of this will just be a thing of the past.

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