Monday, June 20, 2011

that is the one word explanation i have for all those times we never spoke out. why didn't we say something when he was walking away? why didn't we tell our friend that her boyfriend was a douche and by doing so, let him walk all over her? why didn't we speak out when we had a suggestion that could have possibly been the best out of all the others? why didn't we stop those who bullied that person? why did we just stand back, not saying anything. how could we just stand back and watch things fall apart?

everyone has thought of "what if?". so why do we seldom think about actually pursuing something and seeing the results for ourselves. why do we like torture ourselves by playing scenario, after scenario in our heads of what could have happened if only we had done this, or that. like i said, i think it's fear. i know that sometimes i let the fear of rejection get in the way. rejection, amongst other things such as humiliation, and fear of what others might start to think about us.

but sometimes, we just need to break out of that shell and move. to see the final result of that ''what if?''. otherwise, it's going to keep bothering you. it's going to haunt you for a long time, who knows, maybe even the rest of your life. don't let fear eat you alive.

i think we should all just take a stand against sitting back and watching the things we love fall apart. go. talk about it. if you hurt others along the way, fine. it's a small price you're going to have to pay. because in the end, if you don't, the person you'll hurt the most is the person you tried not to hurt in the first place. you.

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