Sunday, June 19, 2011


change happens ever so subtly most of the time. you don't realize it until you take a break from life and reminisce. why? why does one have to experience change? i remember asking myself this same exact question some years ago, back when i was still young and foolish, thinking only of change as ''why does he not like me anymore," or "why doesn't he look at me the way he used to". now that i think about it, change doesn't only happen in love. it can happen with anything.

throughout the years, i've lost many friends. but in replacement, i've created and made new ones. ones who i know are real. and that's a good change right? i've also changed as a person. i am no longer the bitchy, stuck up girl i remember being back in intermediate and early high school years. that's another good change, i guess.

but to balance it out, there has been many, i guess you could call it, bad changes. people change. things change. things didn't go the way i thought it would. i just wish sometimes that the good things didn't have to change. i hate being selfish, but i like to think that i'm not the only one who hates the change. we all loved the old, carefree days. and sometimes i can't help but wonder, what happened..


Anonymous said...

<3 :)

JaiBeatrice said...

you're funny kim.

Anonymous said...

totes gee ;]