Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The greatest ironies of our life.

1. Liking the right person at the wrong time.

This might of just be the time where you just got out of a relationship. You know that the person you’re liking is perfect for you, but you still know that you can’t get over your past relationship.

2. Having the wrong person when the time is right.

This might be when you thought that everything is going great, but there’s just one little problem; the person you end up falling for wasn’t the right one for you.

3. Finally realizing that you really love someone, after they walk out of your life.

We tend to not realize who cares and has love for us till they’re long gone from our life. We then would regret not appreciating them for the time that they’ve been with us. It’s all too little too late after you’re finally aware of that.

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