Sunday, May 2, 2010

you came into my life, just like that. without any warning bells, no nothing. i missed you when we didn't talk, i looked forward to bedtimes as it meant talking to you until 2 in the morning. every time you hugged me, it felt as if we were the only ones in this planet. like nothing else mattered. you were mine, and i was yours. but then everything fell apart. it was all over. my fairytale was over. but i wasn't over you. no i wasn't. i didn't want to give up, even though it felt like you did. i held on for so long, so long. too long. when you were ready again, i wasn't. i didn't want to be with you anymore. you made me angry, you annoyed me. i hated talking to you. i hated how every time i talked to you, everything, every feeling, everything swept under the rug, resurfaced.

it's over. it's completely over.

before i couldn't go by a minute without thinking of you. now i can go for days. for weeks. you were a special part of my life, i didn't know how i could live without you. but that part of my life, it's all in the past now.

i've moved on. i used to believe that love could fix anything, but i don't anymore. i don't need you anymore. who has love these days anyway?

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