Thursday, January 21, 2010

i'm sitting in my stuffy as bedroom, over-heated laptop on my lap, im wearing a super extremely hot tshirt, and it's like 100degrees outside. whatiswrongwithme?
i'm so bored. i wanna write a letter ;).
but i kinda don't at the same time. cause i know i won't get a reply and that saddens me. you know what else saddens me? how people don't have time to write letters anymore. or even use the telephone to say a simple 'hello, just wanted to know how you were.' you know what i mean? everyone's all so busy with planning the future, we never have the time to indulge the present. that's why we all have regretful pasts. i want somebody to write me a letter. i want somebody to show up on my front door, unexpectedly and give me a hug.

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