Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2weeks till the holidays again. 1week or so till practice exams. I've been stalling on revising my physics mostly because physics bores me to death. I spend way too much time on my laptop. I also drink a lot of coffee. And I mean lots. I've recently convinced my parents to franchise a Starbucks. I'm very excited about it. I want to get my third piercing done already. I get annoyed by not being able to text back people most of the time. I want my iPod touch back. I want my iPod back. I had a massive celebrity crush on Nick Jonas. I think I'm pretty over him now. Lately I've been dazing out a lot. Usually next to my laptop, just watching the fish that are next to me while listening to some really good Owl City. My new word is EPIC. I have 4weeks to finish my art folio. My paint pallette has got dry paint on it. I should probably wash it. I have trouble with letting go of things. I hold on to the past too much. I love to write. And just write. About anything. In English once, we got to do non-stop writing. It was the best English period ever. I get Friday off this week. Because I'm cool like that. It's only 9.2opm but I'm hella tired. Oh that's right. I'm sleep deprived. So I should maybe sleep more. Today. For my daily devo, the topic was about sleeping. It felt like it was really aimed at me. It probably is. And I'm going to listen to it. I wish I had a car. I feel like going on a road-trip. I wish I didn't attack my expresso machine.

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