Sunday, August 23, 2009

So I am really tired. And really sore.
Right now, I am in bed. Still. And its already like what, 4:2o in the afternoon. Ya, that's how sick I am. :/ What a way to ruin my fun fun weekend. Thanks body. Thanks a lot. Well I guess this is your way of making me pay for making you suffer. I'm sorry my insides, forgive me. Ohhhh guess, what I've been doing in bed! Playing WoW for 6 hours straight. I made so much money lol. But I have a very legitimate reason to play for 6 hours. I havent played for months.. I really missed it. And although, I am not proud to say that I may become a WoWaddict once again, I'm happy to say, WoW satisfies my loneliness. LOL. Good day everyone. ^^
Sigh, Bio test tomorow.

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